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reblog if you’re the gay sister

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I have to say, I really enjoy these crazy hair selfies lately.

Sara’s phone rings in the middle of their Q&A (x)

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Interviewer:Who are your current heartthrobs?
Sara:This is a tough one because I almost feel like as an adult, you shouldn't have a heartthrob or it sort of feels embarrassing to admit you have one.
Tegan:But you must have one.
Sara:I mean...
Tegan:Daniel Craig.
Sara:Okay, everyone knows that Tegan is very into Daniel Craig. It's confusing for everyone.
Tegan:He's so strong looking... and pretty.
Sara:I don't know! I'm having a really hard time...
Tegan:Rachel Weisz. That's Daniel's wife, I like her too.
Sara:*laughs* Apparently Tegan is so into it.
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